Giving. For good. helps over 400 youths experienced anti-epidemic pressure

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May 6, 2022

E-vouchers as a little encouragement to Hong Kong youth

AIM, Social Career and Caritas team up to make it possible

As Hong Kong relaxes its restrictions over summer, children and teens can look forward to once again attending extra-curricular activities that they’ve missed out on the last two years. Despite this, many Hong Kong youth still suffer the effects of over two years of suspended classes and stunted social lives amid the pandemic. As a result of the disproportionate levels of anti-epidemic pressure experienced by Hong Kong youth, their physical and mental health has been negatively impact, with surveys citing them as amongst Hong Kong’s unhappiest people.

Although many of us are keen to help the youth, it’s hard to know where to start and what to do! To connect our communities, Social Career launched the “Giving. For good.” Community support campaign in April to match Hong Kongers’ generosity and support with beneficiaries.

Within a few days after the launch of the "Giving. For good." program, the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (“AIM”) responded immediately by mobilizing their network, to raise and donate HKD40,000 to the campaign! Social Career’s intrepid employees and volunteers quickly converted 100% of AIM’s donations into electronic shopping vouchers, which were matched to Hong Kong Caritas Youth and Community Service to support over 400 youths .

According to Ralph Szeto, President of AIM, “The youth have encountered numerous difficulties and challenges over the past few years. Between the ages of 12 to 18, children should be meeting friends and learning new things during this prime time. These experiences open them up to different possibilities which make life richer! However, the epidemic has broken these things that were once taken for granted. We hope these e-vouchers can give them a little encouragement to work hard to survive the difficult times!"

Through the "Giving. For good." supporting our community is both simple and efficient. Donors can flexibly choose their beneficiary groups or groups they wish to support, including the elderly, the disabled, ethnic minorities, and low-income groups. families and students.

Speaking about the idea for the project, Matthew Tam, the CEO of Social Career noted, “Through our close cooperation with more than 800 NGOs and 100 companies since the launch of Social Career in 2016, we have learned that each company has different sustainable development goals to match its brand image and story. Our "Giving. For good." project allows organizations to flexibly choose beneficiary groups and support our community without delay.”

We thank our partners for their generosity and support!

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