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July 29, 2022

In our previous posts, we focused on the negative impact COVID have on disadvantaged communities in Hong Kong. SocialCareer continues to support Hong Kong through its Giving. For good. campaign.  However, this week we’d like to shine the spotlight on additional efforts undertaken by our partners and volunteers.  


The "Giving. For good." campaign recently received a total of $13,000 in donations from individual donors across the Hong Kong community. These donations will be converted into e-coupons worth$100 each, 60 of which will go to Time Capsule and donated to the elderly and the remaining 70 to the Music Children Foundation to be used by youth between the ages 3 and 16.


Time Capsule, a Hong Kong based charity helps people to recall their invaluable living moments. Music Child Foundation, also a Hong Kong based charity provides music programmes to underprivileged children aged 16 or below in Hong Kong.


Commenting on the project, a TimeCapsule representative noted that the program not only takes care of the day-to-day financial needs of the elderly and promotes their physical and mental health, but also shows them that Hong Kong cares. The e-vouchers purchased through Time Capsule provide the elderly with the means and motive to eat out and engage with their community, enjoying company that was not possible for many during the pandemic.  


A representative from Music Children Foundation commented: "We provide comprehensive music training for children, and by doing so, we also help their families. By providing additional opportunities for children to participate in hobbies and develop their skills, they have a chance to develop their self-esteem and learn on equal footing to their peers.  They have the chance to cultivate and develop their potential and grow up healthy and happily.”


According to Matthew Tam, CEO of Social Career: "This is the third batch of donations since the start of program in April and we welcome all donations that the community can make. "Giving. For good." provides kind-hearted people in Hong Kong with a means of transforming their goodwill and donations directly into action by connecting recipients with suitable donations.


When asked about the program, one of our donors Helen said: "I used to worry that my donation would not help those in real need. However, through Social Career, donations convert directly into e-vouchers ensuring that beneficiaries can buy the supplies most appropriate to their needs and that funding is carried out as intended, while reducing the risk of contracting the virus due to the distribution of donations by traditional means. It really kills two (three) birds with one stone!”


As always, we would like to thank our partners for supporting"Giving. For good."!


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