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Volunteering shouldn't be just about giving back. It should be about getting better together because when you do good, you should feel good, too.

Volunteer to pay [ it ] forward, to [ learn something new ], to have a [ good time ] with your friends or to find your [ inspiration ]. It doesn't matter why you're doing it, as long as you're doing it.

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More than volunteering. Social Career

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Latest Programme - DigiCom

NGOs x Professional Volunteers x Student Volunteers Engagement Programme aims to leverage and connect professional volunteers and students as to mentor our NGO partners on any difficulties about digital communications (DigiCom), as to maximise the community impact. Through this programme, our professional volunteers are going to share their expertise and ideas on the task specified by NGO.

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Join a growing community. Social Career

Join a growing community

"Among NGOs, Social Career's mission is innovative - applying technology to improve our community. The Social Career platform is ultimately convenient for everyone who loves volunteering. Here, you can search for various volunteer opportunities based on your interests, skills and availability.
Indeed, there are many less-known NGOs devoted to helping different communities in Hong Kong. I am able to see another side of my city and who are invisible in society."

Join a growing community

Join a growing community

"Why volunteer? I believe a life enthusiast is willing to do everything she can to make life better and meaningful.
There is still a lot of apathy in our prosperous city, but Social Career provides various opportunities for volunteers. If you love dogs and cats, you can volunteer for an animal shelter. If you love our earth, you can join environmental protection activities. Eventually, Social Career is where I can give and gain."

Join a growing community

Join a growing community

"I have been volunteering for over 20 years. I lose count of how many volunteer opportunities I have joined. I enjoy working with other volunteers to accomplish every meaningful project. What an amazing journey!
After being promoted to a discipline mistress , I have to manage projects as a leader. Thanks to my volunteer experiences in organizing functions and projects, I soon hit the ground running! So, volunteering doesn’t only mean you are helping others. You also gain something from it and then contribute again."

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