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Create an activity. Social Career

Create an activity

Bring all your activities online and let people know about your activities. Our simple designed activity creation tool offers all the details you need for an activity to attract participants. Have the flexibility to create different ticket types that fits your target audience.

Create your simple activity page with all the details to convert visitors into participants

Our simple-to-use but comprehensive activity post creation tool lets you have your activity online in no-time.

Create different ticket types as you like and allow people to pay online or in-person

Set different types of tickets. You want to create special pricing for early birds, students or families? You can do that too!

Promote your activity

Attract many new participants and re-engage your existing members with the Social Career app. The app’s smart activity matching engine will automatically recommend your activity post to your existing members and the new target audience you are trying to reach.

Reach thousands of potential participants via the Social Career app

Once your activity post goes online, it will reach thousands of people instantly and converts them into participants.

Promote the activity to your members and a specific target audience

Our smart matching engine will make sure that your members and your specific target audience will see the activity first.

Promote your activity. Social Career
Manage your activity. Social Career

Manage your activity

We make sure that your participants get to experience an all-round awesome online-to-offline user journey from signing up for your activity, completing the ticket purchase, receiving reminders and follow-ups and finally arriving and checking in to your activity.

Offer your participants a smooth and simple online activity sign up experience

Reduce the friction of a completed event sign up process results in higher conversion of visitors to activity participants.

Check people's attendance with our user-friendly check-in tools

For in-person activities you can simply check-in participants using our QR code scan or through an online attendance list.

Get activity data insights

Make smarter decisions with the gained insights from our activity data analytics reports. Focus your time and budget on what’s working best with real-time, actionable insights into how your activities are performing, where your attendees find you etc.

Perform your activity analytics and segment your target audience

Discover where your participants are coming from, which target audiences are most interested and which marketing efforts are working best.

Get detailed information about the success of your activity with our reporting

Understand who your participants are, the activity attendance rate, and more.

Get activity data insights. Social Career

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