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2022 International Volunteer Day  

[Connecting the Ocean]
Citywide Beach Cleanup Weeks
28 Nov - 10 Dec 2022

Let's celebrate the International Volunteer Day together!

International Volunteer Day (IVD) is on 5 December every year and it's all about celebrating & engaging with our volunteers. Have you planned any volunteer activities this year?  

This year, we have chosen "Environment" as our theme. We know that you all care about this cause, and we want to have you joining to help make a difference.

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The biggest Hong Kong beach cleanup campaign ever!

“Connecting the OCEAN” is a Citywide Beach Cleanup Weeks from 28 November to 10 December 2022 in celebration of IVD! During these two weeks, there're 20 beach cleanup sessions covering the refuse black spots in Hong Kong with the support from 500+ corporate and student volunteers!

Sounds interesting? Why don't join us to connect the OCEAN?

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Our campaign objectives

Create community awareness on environmental problems

Let's raise public awareness on plastic pollution and leverage our community to help the environment by taking real action

Provide a holistic marine learning journey for participating volunteers

We want to create long term environmental awareness through education

Check the schedule!

How your company can support?

Contribute to the campaign and support our NGO partners

Just simply select the volunteer pack that suits the size and the needs of your company!  Contact us to get more information!

Encourage your employees and their family members to join

We understand that there were not many F2F/ Outdoor volunteering services in the past two years.  So we're reopening a rather safe and simple way to help you create a positive impact.

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