Engage and grow your members

Social Career gives you a simple and easy way to manage and grow your members' pool.

Grow your member community with confidence

Engage your supporters effectively so you can achieve your targets and increase your positive impact.

Service recipients

Service Recipients

Allow more people in need to benefit from your services and build a closer connection to give them the attention they deserve.



Recruit and engage more volunteers and ultimately helping you to expand your capacity to meet your mission.

Activity Participants

Activity Participants

Give participants the best-in-class online-to-offline experience and make them become your best advocates.



Create strong relations with your donors so they feel more valued and strengthen their commitment.

Onboard new members. Social Career

Onboard new members

Gain new members effortlessly. Provide custom online application forms for each membership type to easily bring prospective members in the door. Information is automatically synchronised across the platform from the very start of the application process.

Create your membership application forms and allow people to sign up

You can create and customise your digital application form to attract new members. You can also include online payment.

Define your own member application approval flow and rules

You can create and specify your application approval flow and rule using our workflow builder.

Manage your members

Bring your member engagement to another level by melding your online and offline touch points for members and provide them with a seamless user experience that covers all they need, from initial discovery to activity sign ups and communication. 

Manage your members' activities and interaction online and offline

You can serve your members offline if they don't have smartphones and input their activities into the system manually.

Manage online and offline payments with a single platform

Members can pay for their membership, service and activity fees online via our app or physically at your venues.

Manage your members. Social Career
Retain your members. Social Career

Retain your members

Keep re-engaging your members by recommending them activities and services they are interested in at the right moment. The Social Career app does all that automatically for you, ensuring you will maximise your engagement with them.

Drive engagement by promoting your activities through the Social Career app

A dedicated member's section within the app just for you to promote your organisations activities.

Renew memberships with ease

You can set-and-forget membership renewals or manage them manually. Create notifications to be sent out when due dates are coming up.

Get data insights

We make sure that your member database is safe withus. Our role-based user access allows you to givedierent employees access to only the information theyneed to know. All data is encrypted and has an auto-backup in the cloud with a full audit trail.

Understand the engagement with your members

Get immediate insights into your members' activities and use what you learn to make smarter decisions with our SRM.

Create member activity reports for your own operations, management and donors

We have you covered with member activity reports and even pre-set funding program specific reports.

Get data insights. Social Career
Protect your data. Social Career

Protect your data

We make sure that your member database is safe with us. Our role-based user access allows you to give different employees access to only the information they need to know. All data is encrypted and has an auto-backup in the cloud with a full audit trail.

Easily manage your employees' access rights to the membership database

You can allow different employee groups to access only a sub-set of the membership database based on their responsibilities.

Keep your members' data safe and secure with auto-backup and full audit trail

Your database is encrypted and automatically backed up in the cloud. A full audit trail allows you to track any data edits.

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