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Programme Details

With the strong social network of Social Career, the programme aims to leverage and connect professional volunteers and students as to mentor our NGO partners on different aspects, as to maximise the community impact. There're different aspects for each year, and in 2022, we're focusing on Digital Communications (DigiCom).

The programme is hosted by Social Career, and facilitated by various professional communication associations. All the members of these associations are industry professionals and they're going to be our PROFESSIONAL VOLUNTEERS! Through this programme, they're going to share their expertise and ideas on the task specified by NGO. Meanwhile, student volunteers can gain practical work or project experiences for their future career development! 

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What makes our programme unique?

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Simple, fast & efficient
Gather NGO, professional and student volunteers for one-off task based meeting (2 hours) to solve the problems.
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Professional matching
Facilitated by professional communication associations, connecting 1,000+ industry experts to help NGOs.
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Strong students network
Supported by universities/colleges from different faculties, including undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students.

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If you want to join volunteer activities to enhance your life, contribute to society & meet industry professionals for your future career development, this programme offers a great opportunity for you. What's more? After the meeting, you can further work with NGO as a long-term volunteer intern!

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If you're a NGO, submit the brief today!

In this trial period, we're receiving brief related to content marketing. If your NGO has any challenges on digital communications, including but not limited to website content, social media content, storytelling, tone of voice, SEO & SEM marketing, social media marketing, we're happy to connect professional and student volunteers for you!

How it works?
Once we've received the brief, we will review it as to better understand your task. To facilitate the matching process, the NGO is required to reserve a 2-hours session and mark the date when submitting the brief. Please bear in mind that the meeting date should be at least 4 weeks after the brief submission date. For example, if you're submitting the brief on 1 Feb, the meeting date should be later than 1 Mar. With the information provided, we'll then recruit and match both professional and student volunteers. Once the task members are confirmed, we'll share the brief and related information to all parties. Then, NGO can kickstart the program with volunteers!

1) The whole matching process takes approximately 4-8 weeks, varied by the difficulties of the task and the market situation.
2) Student volunteers will prepare the meeting summary to NGO 4 days after the meeting, so that NGO can conduct follow-up action easily! NGOs can also invite student volunteers to be long-term interns to execute the plans.

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